G’Day World feed borked??

I’ve been getting reports over the last week that the G’Day World RSS feed is sending out the data without any formatting so it appears as just one long string of text. Can anyone confirm or deny? It would be good to know if it’s happening across the board or just with certain readers. We have no idea what’s causing it yet. Apologies to those affected.

20 thoughts on “G’Day World feed borked??

  1. Yeah I’m getting a string of text on netvibes with ****** instead of images. The podcasts are coming through alright though. I wouldn’t have noticed if it weren’t pointed out. It doesn’t really affect readability.

  2. I went back on Google Reader as far as I had patience for, and everything looks broken at least until last November (although I don’t remember it being that long since I noticed it; maybe Reader is showing the posts as they are in the feed now?). It is usually not that noticeable because most of your posts are short, so one doesn’t notice that the line breaks are missing. For longer posts, it’s quite obvious.

  3. Google reader shows all one big block of text going way back till start March. I didn’t scroll back any further. And shows same on bloglines back to March 25 too.

    The feed from extraordinary.thepodcastnetwork.com is fine, BTW.


  4. I reckon formating dropped first on your Shout Outs post on the 20th March. Before then I had good formating in intraVnews, since then its been one long string with ****** for pictures.

  5. the ****** isn’t actually pictures – I’ve actually been using them as page breaks for long posts!! 🙂

    But yeah, the feed is obviously borked – probably from when we installed podpress a few weeks ago by the sound of it.

    many apologies, will try to figure it out asap.

  6. I dunno what you did to your feeds, Cam, but somehow iTunes (Canada) has lost TPN_G’Day World and when I try to resubscribe, it seems to load and then it just disappears from my podcast window. Strangely enough, the most recent G’Day World #230 has appeared in my TPN_The Digital Photography Show feed. Very odd.

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