OMFG. Last night I did a live show with my most-excellent co-host Mr Nick Hodge and WE TALKED FOR FOUR HOURS. I kid you not. I only recorded the first THREE HOURS and I present them to you here (well the audio version anyway – to see the video you have to turn up on the night). Oh and this audio recording only has two of the five live numbers I performed during the show. One was in the pre-show festivities (“Come On Eileen”) and there were a couple during the post-show wind-down (including “Ship Song”by Nick Cave).

During this four hour marathon, Nick and I discussed:

    Australia’s National Broadband Network
    America’s bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
    Whether or not Nick is an atheist or an agnostic
    The financial crisis scam and what we might replace capitalism with
    The ethics of veganism
    The Church of LOTU
    The historicity of Jesus (or lack thereof)

And much, much more.

Listen to the full three hours – if you dare.

Tune in to future live shows every Tuesday night at 8pm here.