Something a bit different today. No Mick (but you’re used to that by now) and no Cam. Well very little Cam, anyway. I hear you sigh in relief.

My mate Sir Mike Seyfang aka The Fang in Adelaide recently had the chance to record a talk given by Sir Harry Kroto to a bunch of schoolkids in Adders and he has made it available to us with Sir Harry’s permission.

So… I hear you asking, who is Sir Harry Kroto when he’s at home?

Well… why write something when I can link to his full auto-biography on the NOBEL PRIZE website?

That’s right – Sir Harry was one of three guys who shared the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1996 for the discovery of the BUCKMINSTERFULLERENE aka Carbon60. C60 is important in the field of nanotechnology, heat resistance and superconductivity, among other applications.

Here’s his personal website for more info.

Let me apologize in advance for Mike’s poor audio quality in the small intro we recorded but he was in the dunny at the time. 🙂

Sir Harry kicks in about 8 minutes in.

Thank you Sir Mike and Sir Harry!