Josh Gliddon is a journalist at The Bulletin magazine where he specialises in science, technology and health. In February 2005 he was the first mainstream media journalist to cover The Podcast Network.

He also writes about cars, surfing and music in his blog.

Last month in The Bulletin, Josh wrote a lengthy article on Intelligent Design and I invited him onto the show today to discuss it with me.

We also chat a little at the end about the Curta Calculator.

This episode of G’DAY WORLD is sponsored by Motorola and contains a Community Service Announcement from Tyme White (from The Microsoft Show) about Sony’s DRM debacle. It also finished with a segment I lifted from Matt, Freak and The Fatboy’s latest show where they discuss the Top Ten Best Things About Doing A Podcast That No-One Listens To. It contains nasty language and, if you are easily offended by the C-word, you probably shouldn’t listen. You should also probably get the hell over it.

You have been warned.