G’DAY WORLD PODCAST 177 – Carl Sagan Tribute

Carl Sagan

Dec 20, 2006, was Carl Sagan Day, the 10th anniversary of the death of one of history’s great scientists and communicators. He touched hundreds of millions of people with his work, his books and his TV series “Cosmos”. Joel Schlosberg organised the Sagan Blogathon and many people wrote about the impact Sagan had on their lives. On this podcast my co-host Hugo Sharp and I discuss Sagan’s life, work and read out some of the blog posts, from his widow, his son and bloggers whose lives he touched.


Wikipedia entry on Carl Sagan

Ann Druyan’s blog

Fermi’s Paradox

The Drake Equation aka The Green Bank Equation

Nick Sagan’s blog

Halfway There’s blog

The Whatever blog

National Geographic article “Was Darwin Wrong?”

Richard Dawkins video:
The Root of All Evil

Sam Harris: (a younger Dawkins)
A great email debate he had with a christian. Well worth reading each of the emails.

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10 thoughts on “G’DAY WORLD PODCAST 177 – Carl Sagan Tribute

  1. Cam–Carl Sagan actually spoke at my college graduation–University of Hartford, CT, USA 1991. The speech had somber tones—I thought he’s talk about the wonders of the universe, but instead he beat Al Gore to the punch and warned us about Global Warming and how we better take care of the environment or else.

  2. Cam, Cam, Cam. You go on and on with the same stuff about Science v God but you always shoot yourself in the foot. You say where is the evidence of god? I say to you there is no evidence that their isn’t a god! Its just your personal opinion!

    Happy 2007


  3. the burden of proof lies with the people who create the myth molly. no evidence of something is no reason to believe in it! unless you are completely delusional of course.

  4. As I said, there is no proof either way and thats why I think it is wrong for people to push there bliefs on others. Whether it is that there is a god or isn’t a god.

    Personally, it doesn’t make one ounce of difference to my life if there is or isn’t as if you had to really analyze it, I follow the teachings that are accredited to a guy they call Jesus rather then believing there is a god. And when you think about it, it you follow his number one rule all the rest is just window dressing and a bit of fun for the punters!

    Happy New Year to all.

  5. Molly, not only is there no proof of God, there is NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER for the existence of any God.

    If you follow Jesus’ teachings, does that also mean you’ll kill one of your kids if they “curse” you (Matthew 15:4)?
    Pretty harsh stuff.

  6. I said a scientIST is suggesting that, yes. Am I offering my sons? No. But I’m also not sitting here thinking an imaginary entity will take care of the situation for us. WE need to figure it out.

  7. I don’t think “an imaginary entity” will take care of the situation. In fact, to my knowledge Jesus said that we should all help ourselves. In fact as my dear old mother always said:
    “God helps those that help themselves, but god help those who are caught helping themselves!”.

    So am I sitting back waiting for god to make my life better? No. Am I going to try and live by the idea of Love your neighbor.


  8. Are you just going to keep using the golden rule as your get out of jail free card Molly? If so, know that it precedes Jesus by at least 500 years.

    “This is the sum of duty; do naught onto others what you would not have them do unto you.” from the Mahabharata (5:15:17) (ca. 500BCE)

    “What you do not wish upon yourself, extend not to others.” — Confucius (ca. 551–479 BCE)

    Can you really call yourself a Christian if you don’t also believe in everything ELSE Jesus is supposed to have said? Like murdering your children as quoted earlier?

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