My guest host this week is Duncan Riley (no relation). Duncan was one of the founders and VP Operations of blogging network b5 Media until his sudden departure recently. He hails from Bunbury in Western Australia.

Mitch Denny’s joins us briefly (my PC stopped recording… sorry Mitch) to give us his overview of the Ferrari thing. Read more on his blog.

So… the US had Saddam executed before he could spill the beans on them during the next phase of his trial. Duncan and I debate the whole thing a bit on the show and here’s a list of links for you to read more.

Top Ten Ways the US Enabled Saddam Hussein

The High Commissioner for United Nation Human Rights, Louise Arbour, warned that there should be no rush to execute former Iraqi leader Sadddam Hussein saying the trial wasn’t fair. The Human Rights Watch agrees. But John Howard doesn’t. Surprise Surprise.

Apparently someone might be stealing rocket launchers and other weapons from the Aussie Army.

The Europeans launch the COROT satellite to find planets outside of our solar system.

Whatever you do, go listen to these podcasts:

Richard Dawkins interview

Sam Harris interview

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