Show 3 – 10th December 2004 (1hr 12 min)
00:00 G’Day World intro with tune “D24” courtesy of Melbourne band Spruiker
02:01 Feedback from show #2
03:10 Our first competition – courtesy of Dendy Films
05:00 Mick’s big news
09:00 Special guest, Shane Williamson, tells us about his Stormtrooper outfit
17:00 Our thoughts on MSN Spaces
28:00 Podcast Alley’sTop Ten podcasts
30:30 Get your G’day World Roo Shirt today!
35:25 Cameron’s depression and its link’s to sleep deprivation
40:30 BlogHerald post about the Crickey reference to the 2005 Australian Blogging Conference
45:00 Podcasting Porn
47:00 HALO2 soundtrack & the ending of the game (contains spoilers)
52:20 This week’s lesson on how to talk “aussie”
57:00 Shane & Cameron’s big bet from 2000 – original email
1:01:10 Brief film review of “SAW”
1:02:30 Books we are reading at the moment
Cameron: Bobby Fisher Goes To War
Shane: The Da Vinci Code
Mick: Codename Ginger
1:08:30 The new recording setup
1:12:00 Close