00:00 G’Day World intro with tune “D24” courtesy of Melbourne band Spruiker 00:20 Mick and Cam ramble on about a little known Australian animal, ice cream, Mick’s last days at work, On the Pod and a few other things 09:00 The winners of the Dendy free passes 10:30 How to speak Aussie 13:30 Cam’s shrink has heard about podcasting 16:00 Update on Aussie companies blogging (or lack thereof) 20:00 Cam channels Elvis 20:30 Our thoughts on MSN Desktop Search 27:00 One of us makes the switch to Firefox! 30:00 Mindmanager X5 Pro review 35:30 The Right-Click Generation 38:00 The Gday World TV Show??? 39:00 What’s on Google Zeitgeist 44:00 File sharing: eDonkey vs WinMX 45:00 An announcement about a world first. The Gday-a-thon 49:00 New versions of Doppler and Skype 51:30 Skypecasting 59:00 Update on the 2005 Australian Blogging Conference 1:01:00 Walmarts $498 laptop 1:20:00 A quick On the Pod ambush with Marc from mindcaster blog