00:00 G’Day World intro with tune “D24” courtesy of Melbourne band Spruiker 00:30 Xmas: One of us went to the Gold Coast 02:30 The Religion podcast idea 05:00 Xmas: One of us went to Melbourne 06:00 Micks home office set-up 08:00 The MYOB scam 08:30 Micks new VOIP phone from Engin 13:30 Micks trying to come up with a new business name 18:30 The new Gday World competition for our International listeners – Prize image 1 & 2 24:00 Carl Walker sends an email review 28:00 Micks birthday wishes from the blogosphere 30:00 Jeremy Wright gets fired for blogging 33:00 Is Bill Gates listening to this podcast? 33:20 Brad & Jen Is the concept of marriage officially defunct?? 35:00 Micks experience with Microsofts Anti-Spyware beta 37:00 Gday World gets nominated for some Australian awards thing 40:30 Australias response to the tsunami 41:30 Bill Brysons book The Short History of Nearly Everything & natural disasters 46:00 Aussie slang lesson 51:00 Triple J has started a podcast 52:00 So has Chris Pirillo 53:00 Camerons rant about re-building his PC and Microsofts stupid error messages 58:00 Bill Gates keynote at CES 01:03:15 Our bandwidth hosting problems & prodigm 01:07:00 Upcoming Gday World interviews 01:09:15 Outtro

Note from Mick: Sorry for the delay in getting this show up guys and gals….trying to catch up on a back-log of shows without dumping to many podcasts on you all at once… 🙂