Video highlights of the first Sydney STIRR event held December 2006. Thanks to everyone who willingly talked to The Cam with the cam.

Rebirth Of A Nation

Download “Can’t Hold Us Back” (mp3)
from “Rebirth Of A Nation”
by Public Enemy Featuring Paris
Guerrilla Funk Recordings

6 thoughts on “G’DAY WORLD VIDEO EDITION – STIRR Sydney Dec 2006

  1. Nice job on the video Cam, from reading everyones blogs it seems everyone had a really good night. Ben Palmer (Drone Technologies) and myself unfortunately made the foolish mistake to kick on afterward though. So after stumbling in my front door at 5 am yesterday i must say my productivity was extremely hampered during the days business hours.

  2. yeah good idea shano. thought about that at the time. I didn’t even know myjobsucks.com was a real site!
    videocasts are fun but damn the take a long time to do. that one took me four hours to edit, export and upload.

  3. Takes me that long at least for a podcast!

    I edit our show in real time all the way through. So that takes about 2-3 hours depending how much crap is in there and how badly we do. So I cut out every possible err and ummmm etc. Can’t help it I am a perfectionist – a curse. That is just the raw edit. I also change the format of the .mp3 files so I work exclusively in .wav.

    I then mix it with all the bumpers, music and other sounds with another program. The mixing down takes about an hour. Change tags and encode in lame. Upload – 25 mins.

    Show notes take about an hour or so. That’s all the links and trackbacks that take the time.

    Don’t even get me going on the preparation time… I wish I was not so cursed. Does that make me less productive? Or is that amount of effort appreciated? Should I even bother and do ppl care?

    I sleep well at night.

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