As yesterday (Dec 20) was the anniversary of Carl Sagan‘s death, I think it’s fitting that tonight we discuss his life and contributions to humanity. If you want to join me on the show, then let me know in the comments section below. We’ll kick-off about 9.30pm AEDT. Check out the shownotes here. I remember visiting Ithaca, NY, a few years ago and doing the tour of the “Pace The Space” monument.

I was ten when Sagan’s TV show “Cosmos” came out in 1980 and I remember watching it in awe. His ability to communicate how mind-boggling yet logical the processes of evolution and the creation of the universe were/are, helped destroy the last vestiges of my Catholic upbringing, far more than anything I was taught at school. Ah, the power of television used for good and not evil!

Watch Carl explain 4 Billion years of evolution.

And remember Fat Boy Slim’s version?