I installed GooSync last week to give it a test ride. If you haven’t heard of GooSync yet, it purports to be the Holy Grail that will synchronize your Outlook Calendar (boo! hiss!) with your Google Calendar (yay! hurrah!). This is especially important for those of us with Pocket PC / Windows Mobile devices who want to be able to swan around at meetings and enter appointments into our diaries but be able to synch them with the online version.

I’ve been doing this successfully for a couple of months using Funambol but it’s a desktop app and GooSync is a Pocket PC app which makes a lot more sense.

ANYWAY… the bottom line is that when I tested GooSync it borked my calendar. After three synchs, I ended up with three different versions of most of my appointments in both the Outlook and the Google calendars and some were even at different times to the original! I was able to go through Outlook and delete most of the erroneous entries but you can’t do that as easily with GCal, so I had to delete the whole frikkin calendar and start again (fortunately that’s a pretty painless process).

Anyone else having trouble with GooSync or know the reason for my troubles?

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