Australians all let us rejoice! For our Federal Government has been absolved of all responsibility for the AWB scandal! It turns out they knew nothing! Nothing at all! It’s all okay. Breathe easy Australia, your Government knew nothing. They didn’t read the secret memos and cables. Andrew Bolt seems to think this is a good thing. The AWB was secretly paying Saddam Hussein’s regime hundreds of millions of dollars of kickbacks, the Australian Federal Government was getting memos about it… but they didn’t read them, so it’s all okay.

The other news to almost get skipped over today is that AWB were told, a year before the Australian public, that we were going to support an upcoming US invasion of Iraq. This was a full year before Prime Minister Howard claims he even made the decision!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I’m no leftie. I’ve voted for the Libs in every election, State and Federal, since I was 18. But this all sucks. It’s time for a major shake-up. Unfortunately, the ALP are a bunch of nogger-heads. (That was “nogger”, Kramer.). The Dems are dead. The Greens? Who is left? Those right-wing Christian nutters? Crikey. Slim pickings on the voting front this weekend. Whatever happened to those nice Communist kids who were around in the 70s?