I had a rare fatherly moment today and realized that as my sons are growing up in Melbourne I should take them to the footy, just once, so they can realize why they will never want to go again. So I jumped onto Ticketmaster to see how much tickets are. $33 for an adult! $5.30 for a kid! Add train tickets or parking into the equation, and it’s a $60 day out, not including beer and hotdogs (for them, I would never touch the stuff).

I’m not spending $60 taking my kids to something I’d never go to myself. Ridiculous. $60 to watch a bunch of men in tight shorts run around chasing a little leather ball for two hours? I could buy the kids a new DS game for that. They’ll get MUCH more entertainment out of that than two hours.

And they won’t get drunk or have to cuss at an umpire to boot.