Chris Brogan, one of the co-founders of the Podcamp movement, throws this out: “I”m not a podcaster”.

My big thing at the moment is telling people I’m not a podcaster either. Instead – “I build and commercialize communities of interest.” The podcasts are just one medium we use to build our communities. Blogs, SNS, VW, F2F meetings (like MODM), are other mediums as also employ.

And I think all businesses can say the same thing. Isn’t that what a business truly does? Build communities of people who want to solve a problem using their product and/or service? Perhaps if they thought of themselves that way, they would truly grok whats happening on the web at the moment instead of screwing it up.

Reminds me of the old story I’ve told before about astronomers before Copernicus. If you asked them what they did for a living, they would have told you “we study the way the Sun rotates around the Earth.” The very definition of who they were prevented them from ever really seeing the truth.