J. David Markham

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I’ve had a number of wonderful coincidences on this trip. Lots of very strange coincidences which prove to me that either a) it’s a very small world or b) my network is getting way too large.

But today takes the cake.

Yesterday Ellisa Feinstein told me I should visit the Farmer’s Market at the Ferry Building on a Saturday, that there was some wonderful organic food, and some real French cheeses. So I strolled down there this afternoon with no real plans, just to take in the view and eat some healthy food. So I strolled around a bit, did some work (free wifi here for some reason) and then finally decided to stroll back. I happened to walk into a book store called “Book Passage” for a browse and noticed a big sign saying “Dummies Signings”. A number of the authors of Dummies guides were going to be there to sign books. One of them was J. David Markham, author of “Napoleon For Dummies” – and my co-host on the Napoleon podcast! He was due to be there at 2.30pm. I look at my watch – it’s 2.20pm.

Now David had told me a couple of weeks ago that he was doing a book signing in SF but I totally forget about it and didn’t even take notice of the place where it was happening. But somehow I managed to end up at exactly the right place at exactly the right time to meet him in the flesh for the first time. I should point out that David lives in Washington, several hours north of here.