Jesus was an alien? Ridiculous, according to the fundamentalist Christian website Ancient Aliens Debunked. They think it's much more sensible just to accept the idea that God is the creator of the universe.

In short, the Bible clearly demonstrates that God is GOD and not an alien misinterpreted as a god. God was not an alien, neither was Jesus neither was the Holy Spirit. If you believe God is an alien, I would urge you to pray sincerely to the creator God to show you the absolute truth on the matter, in His Son Jesus’ name. In my experience, when I was struggling with who Jesus was and if He was an alien or ascended master, I prayed like that and discovered that God was God and that His son Jesus is the only way to Him. God, who is not an alien, gave us this good news about His son, who is also not an alien: – See more at:

Well there you have it. Wacky theories debunked, bitches!