okay, here I am at the first Media 2.0 session at Digital Media Festival in Sydney and first up is John Allsop from WestCIV. He’s basically providing an overview of Web2.0 for the audience. From the show of hands, not many people in the room are very familiar with many of these concepts, so he’s giving them a pretty good introduction to AJAX, RSS, tags, mash-ups, etc.

Here’s my cheat sheet on John’s presentation…

He doesn’t like the term Web2.0 and is from the “it’s just the web” camp.
He thinks Microsoft’s Zune strategy is stupid. (Is there anyone who doesn’t?)
He thinks the Daily Show asking YouTube to take down their clips is stupid.
He’s getting stuck into mass media companies for trying to turn their customers into criminals.
“They are all thieves and pirates”…. he’s trying to get the audience to think about how they turn their customer’s activities into an opportunity rather than a threat.
He’s introducing them to Last.fm, the Grey Album, mininova, etc.

Good presentation, really a basic overview of Web2.0 for the audience. It’s the first time I’ve seen John speak and I can see why he’s popular. Great energy, especially seeing as he’s the first bunny of the day.