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The big press release went out today announcing that John Cleese (yes, THAT John Cleese) will be producing a new series of podcasts which will be hosted on TPN. Read the full announcement here.

What a coup, huh? This is something we’ve been working on for a year. Well, actually, Dean from Funk first started talking to me about doing this a LONG time ago, early 2005 I think. Anyway, it’s finally happened and the video which you can see in the full release I linked to above was played on the big screen today at the Podcast Expo in California. Ewan Spence, Scott Sherman and Brian Ibbott from TPN are all there reprezentin’.

As a child of the 70s I grew up watching Monty Python and Fawlty Towers and was a huge fan of John’s. And then when I got into the corporate video space in 1993, John’s video training series was something we all admired as being state of the art.

And of course his work in films such as “A Fish Called Wanda” was also completely genius.

So having the chance to help promote his new work in the era of podcasting is a complete thrill.

I have to thank Dean Whitebread from Funk for bringing the deal to us in the first place and really championing TPN to John and his people. And it wouldn’t have happened without Ewan Spence continually working away behind the scenes as he always does as TPN’s official VP of STUFF to keep the wheels turning.

This week has had it’s share of ups and downs but it’s great to finish it on a high!

5 thoughts on “John Cleese on TPN

  1. This is an international coup and it shows that the good work in this new media field can be done anywhere in the world. Congratulations to all involved and if this shows the quality of talent that is interested in the Podcast Network we can look forward to more great things into the future.

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