Kevin Rudd Lives Up To (My) Expectations

Well there you have it. Kevin Rudd is as much as scumbag as John Howard.

It didn’t take long for his true colours to show. A year after he was elected on a campaign which had a strong focus on climate change action, he has totally ignored Ross Garnaut’s recommendations of 5 per cent per year and decided we’ll settle on 5 per cent by 2020 or 15% if the rest of the world falls into line. Let me remind you that Kevin Rudd COMMISSIONED the report from Garnaut in the first place. He used it as a tool to help him win the 2007 election – and then completely and utterly ignored it.

What a complete cunt.

I, of course, saw this coming and didn’t vote for him. I’ve been convinced for a long time that both parties are just as corrupted as each other. They are both controlled by the elite – ie, the seriously wealthy and powerful folks who really run things. And these people don’t want change. They live for the next quarterly results. They are mostly in their 60s and 70s and don’t care if the world goes to hell in a handbasket by 2020 – cuz they know they won’t be around. They are in it for themselves.

To those of you who voted for Rudd – how do you feel?

To those of you who are as pissed off and angry as I am – what are we going to do about it?

3 thoughts on “Kevin Rudd Lives Up To (My) Expectations

  1. You picked it mate. A bit over 12 months after being elected into office, those who relentlessly followed his spin have now forgotten those “pledges”, deceitful Rudd comes to the party of ‘Let’s increase those quarterly profits’.

    I did in fact vote for him, in hindsight have no idea why. The status quo will never change as you say, and as long as these corporate backers continue to ‘invest’ [or as the media would have you believe “donations”], pledges such as Rudd’s, which he used as marketing/election bait will continue to prosper.
    The conservatives swim in their pool of gold again.

  2. Cam I didn’t vote for Super Kev myself since I agree with most intelligent humans that just like in the States we really don’t have any real choices (I know, thats a bit of a ‘Duh!’ moment at this point) – although i usually get close to voting for Bob Brown – and if I was in the States I’d probably vote for Nader.

    Both parties are the same. One is honest about what an ugly monster it is(the Liberals) and one pretends to be a fluffy little toy(Labour).
    But like all fluffy little toys, there’s always parts that you choke on, because your too caught up on how fluffy and cute it looks. And by the time you realize this, it’s too late. Your in the hospital fighting for your rights… er, life…ummm… both.

    And all of a sudden you realize that it was a dangerous toy all along.

    In the states it’s the same. All that talk of Change amounted to his ‘crew’ being mostly old Bush cronies or even worse (Hillary Fucking Clinton – She’s like Condi on bad acid).

    So I’ll Leave you with a quote :

    “He who doesn’t change everything, changes nothing” Alfredo Zitarosa

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