I don’t think much of Jeff McMullen’s style of moderating, but it’s great to see more debate-style shows on Aussie TV. Last night’s episode of “Difference of Opinion” was frustrating but well worth the watch. Last night he had an “expert panel” including Julian Burnside QC to debate the need for our anti-terrorism laws and whether they are being used or abused. The debate was a major clusterfuck. On the left side of the panel they had two guys who might have stepped out of FOX. If they were any further right they would have been goose-stepping. On the right hand side of the panel they have Burnside and another academic, neither of whom were able to get a word in sideways. Some major idiot from Canada kept interrupting them (and the audience, and McMullen, who couldn’t, or wouldn’t, shut him up).

That said, the debate is a necessary one and I applaud the ABC for attempting to have it.

You can download it from the ABC’s site.