Well last night, to celebrate Richard Giles’ first trip to Melbourne since he’s been on TPN, a few of us, hosts and guests, gathered together in solemn fashion for dinner at Chocolate Buddha in Fed Square, then had a few drinkies at Taxi. I won’t say ANYTHING about what was discussed (valour being the better part of discretion) but will just say if you weren’t there you missed out on an education. That’s all I’m going to say on the matter.

Michael Specht’s commentary is a good start:

Cameron was in full swing, maybe one too many coffees in the day, Father Bob made a brief appearance, Martin from the Travel Show, Of course Rich Giles was there, along with Kate, Miriam, Matt, Tony, Rich (Stock market Rich, do you have a web site?) and a couple of others I do not get to meet.

We all had photos taken with Cam’s red glasses (I am sure they will be on Flickr soon), Cam had the Video camera going which means there might be a video podcast.  Lots of Sake was had and looking at some of the posts floating around lots of fun was had by all.

Some other thoughts of the night from the people who came:

Rich’s photos are here.

My photos of the night are here (watch for a G’Day World video edition coming soon).

Miriam’s posts about it are here (but her blog seems to be down at the moment… second thoughts about some stuff you wrote Mizza?)  🙂

Urbaer’s are here.

Cait’s posts are here.

Thanks to everyone who came, especially my friend Father Bob Maguire ("I’m 72!!!") who made it in ("I nearly slipped on the stairs!").

Don’t miss the next TPN dinner which will be in early December to celebrate two years of G’Day World and therefore two years of Aussie podcasting! Book here!