lifehack for getting recipes onto the iphone

One of my new year resolutions was to start cooking properly most nights of the week. Not just my usual lentils and mushroom stiryfry, but amazing food that blows my mind. So I went out and bought one of Jamie Oliver’s books and I’ve made some amazing, mouth-watering stuff in the last week.

HOWEVER – I always find myself at the grocery store having forgotten to pick a recipe for the night and so I don’t have the ingredients list.

Now that I have a shiny new iPhone I came up with this hack this morning.

1. Scan a few recipes from the book into my Mac.
2. Drag each image into Evernote (I have a folder in there called ‘recipes’).
3. Install Evernote iPhone app.

Now, when I’m at the grocery store, I just pull out my iPhone, open up Evernote, and I have everything I need!

I should point out that I started off this morning trying to take photos of the recipes straight into the iPhone but the resolution on the camera isn’t good enough to capture text. However, this Clarifi case from Griffin seems to come with a built-in lens that gives your iPhone a boost in camera resolution. I might try to find one of those today. It would save me the scanning step.

4 thoughts on “lifehack for getting recipes onto the iphone

  1. Thanks for mentioning BigOven! (I’m the founder)

    Note that with the free BigOven iPhone app, you can post your recipes free from a browser to, then add them to your try soon list or Favorites list. Access them from your iPhone.

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