13 thoughts on “Macbook Pro Screen Of Death

  1. Oh dear Cam,
    Between the white screen and the black screen on the mac book, you really do have to switch to wearing anti-static panty hose dude.


  2. Dude – you’re being fed crap Apple support. If only you could think of a mutual friend who knows just a little about Apple hardware. I think holding down the spacebar as a fix qualifies for a ‘FAIL’ moment. 🙂

  3. Basically :p

    They auto-hibernate. If you have a lot of crap open ram-wise, this can take more than a few seconds and yeah if the sudden motion sensor kicks in, it stops hard drive writes, and can screw up the hibernate process.

    The proper process for bringing it back up? No idea, after doing a few cold boots like you did, I got into the habit of making sure I didn’t throw it in my bag til it had properly hibernated. Never had the problem since :p

    If it keeps happening of course, you might have a rooted mainboard. Catch me sometime when youre finally up here and I’ll put you in touch with my guy :p

  4. Did you do know that between tapping the spacebar (never heard anyone recommend holding down the spacebar before) which is a ‘whisper in the ear’ to ‘wake up’ and holding down the power button for a full reboot you have a 3rd option?

    Try just ‘tapping’ (wrong word but trying to convey ‘press and instantly release’) the power button. This is the equivalent of shouting in the Mac’s ear to ‘wake the $$#%$#%$ up!!’.

    Usually works for me (might take a couple of tries) if hibernate has gone a bit skewiff.

    As mentioned above full ram and running processes at high CPU load and closing the lid is a hard call for any hibernate scheme scheme. Especially if you shudder the hard drive while closing the lid (activating the protective drive lock).

    Should the Apple gear be better at this? Yes.
    Is it understandable (and somewhat forgivable) why it might be happening (unless you can tell us that none of the above are involved in this case)? Yes.

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