Wayne Turmel is one of only a handful of TPN hosts that I have actually met in the flesh. When I was in NYC last year, Wayne and Scott Sherman managed to get themselves to NYC to have a drink (or two) with me, which was awfully nice of them.

Anyway, Wayne has written another book and it’s available today an e-book from his site. I’ve read it already and it’s terrific. It’s designed for those of you who spend your life in meetings. Fortunately for me, I am no longer one of those people but I feel your pain. I spent enough years in the corporate world to know what it’s like. This book will help you take control of the time spent in meetings which in turn will let you spend more time listening to podcasts on The Podcast Network. What more can you ask for?

As Wayne says:

It’s called “Meet Like You Mean It”- a Cranky Middle Manager’s Guide to Productive and Painless Meetings”.

The greatest praise and the biggest criticism I’ve heard are the same thing- it reads like the show sounds. One person called it “Stanley Bing meets the Training Manual”. Hopefully you’ll laugh, you’ll definitely recognize yourself and others, and you’ll find valuable tips for making your meetings less agonizing for you and your team.

It’s available now for download at the CMM store on my website, http://www.achismarketing.com/Meetlikeyoumeanit.html.  The cost is $7.97US, which if you figure the cost of a bad meeting, shows ROI pretty darn quickly.