I’m posting up my Movember progress photos over here if any of you want a cheap laugh at my expense. My facial hair skills aren’t really jedi master level. I’ve tried to grow a goatee on several occasions over the last couple of years and after a month it looks pathetic. Has to do with a combination of my irish blond/red/grey hair and how fine my hair is. Pathetic. Anyway, I’m trying again and using Movember as an exuse. This time I’m trying to grow a bikey bullbars or, as I like to call it, a “Lemmy“.

I finished playing the HALO 3 campaign over the weekend (pretty uninspiring actually… sigh), and now I want to get my hands on either THE DARKNESS, GEARS OF WAR (update: GOW purchased! Thanks Tony) or BIOSPHERE BIOSHOCK, but I’m not prepared to spend $100 on them. Anyone out there want to loan me / sell me a copy?