I just installed this great Chrome extension called “Murdoch Block”.

What does this app do?
– Blocks websites owned and operated by News Corp

Ok cool! Which websites are blocked?
– http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_assets_owned_by_News_Corporation
– The default setting blocks only news and publication sites but that can be customized on the options page.

And how is a site blocked?
– When the user opens a blocked site, a warning is displayed and the user is given an option to continue to the site.

Can the list of blocked sites be customized?
– The options page provides a full list of blocked sites which can be customized by the user. An initial list of blocked sites is set for you by default and consists of news and publication sites.

Sounds great but why should I install this app?
– Install this app to if you want to estimate News Corp’s influence on your internet life, install it to make a statement to the Murdoch empire or install it because you’ve just had enough lies.