Rushing around this morning, driving my kids to piano practice. In a hurry, so the ubiquitous iPod wasn’t jacked into the car stereo. Instead I turned on the radio for the five minute trip to piano.

After a minute, Hunter (age 7) asks me from the back seat “Hey Dad – where’s your iPod?” I explain it’s in my bag, I haven’t bothered to plug it in.

“But where’s the music coming from?” he asks.

“The radio,” I explain.

“Is that like TV?” asks his brother Taylor (also age 7).

I look at their faces in the rearview mirror and realize they have no idea what radio is. They have never heard me listen to radio. They are amazed that music is playing without the iPod plugged in.

If you have any shares in Austereo – welcome to your future marketplace. It doesn’t even know you exist.