My Podcamp Perth 07 talk

Grum has posted up the talks Duncan Riley and I gave at Podcamp Perth 07 here. My talk, entitled “Why Podcasting Is Dead In The Water”, was an attempt to review the reasons people normally give for why podcasting is “dead” and my high-level analysis of the reasoning. I obviously don’t believe podcasting is dead. In fact, I think we’re just getting started. Sure – the hype cycle that podcasting experiences in 2004/05 has moved on and that’s a GOOD THING. Now we can get on with building an industry.

7 thoughts on “My Podcamp Perth 07 talk

  1. You compared your 500,000 users to 3aw’s. Care to compare the amount of attention TPN gets compared to 3aw’s? I would image TPN wouldn’t even be close. So its a nice throw away line but in reality it isn’t even close.

  2. What’s this “error 404” I get every so often when I try to look at your comments?
    Also, I couldn’t get into this site at all last nigt.

  3. Any chance the talks are somewhere as .mp3 – I am a bit bandwidth impared this month – or at least I want to prevent any issues. If not I’ll get them next billing period.

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