My Trip To Bangkok – Club Perdomo and Cigars

I got back today from a trip to Bangkok for a couple of days. The purpose of the trip was to pay a site visit to Club Perdomo Bangkok, a gentleman’s club built around Perdomo cigars. I’ve recently taken on Perdomo Cigars Australia as a new digital strategy client and, as someone who loves a cigar every now and then and who has come to appreciate the Perdomo brand over the last year, it was a very exciting trip. If you’re interested in such things, you can read about it on the Perdomo blog.

4 thoughts on “My Trip To Bangkok – Club Perdomo and Cigars

    1. Yes there are, such as your good self, but they are unfortunately in the minority. They are certainly welcome at Club Perdomo and I know they have recently had a new woman member join. But it’s just mostly men.

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