If you’re a Van Halen fan, you probably already know that EVH is doing a couple of tracks for his friend Michael Ninn’s new porn flick "Sacred Sin". The two tracks are now up on the Ninnworx site. Great to hear Eddie back on the strings where he belongs. Apparently the DVD (out next week… that’s why I’ll be buying it… for the EVH soundtrack… ) will also have film clips for each track and there’s a short version of the RISE clip on the site. It’s pretty funny / sad. Even Michael Ninn, the great porn artiste, can’t bring himself to put the camera on Eddie apart from a few quick glimpses. As we’ve shown you before, EVH looks like death warmed up these days. Keef Richards looks healthier. Eddie looks like something from EVIL DEAD. But you can’t listen to RISE and not know instantly who’s playing the guitar.