No Illusions 20 – John Cook from Skeptical Science

My guest IN THE STUDIO today is John Cook, astrophyscist, web developer, and founder of Skeptical Science, an absolutely brilliant resource for anyone needing to refute the common climate change denialist.

We talk about what motivates climat change denialists (and the difference between being a SKEPTIC and a DENIALIST) and some of the refutations of their most common arguments.

Follow John on Twitter at @skepticscience.

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2 thoughts on “No Illusions 20 – John Cook from Skeptical Science

  1. Rob Davidson says:

    Excellent conversation fellas. John is admirably level-headed and calm and it’s a good combination with Cameron’s colourful straight talking. Thanks for contributing so much to this hugely important issue

  2. Cameron Reilly says:

    Thanks Rob. John does a great job. Make sure you check out his site.

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