Rich Giles and I will be speaking at the Strategic Corporate Communications event in Melbourne on Sept 14. My session is aptly entitled ‘Coping with new media aggression’. So I guess that means "Coping With… Cameron".

Mark Jones has some good additional notes from the PANPA conference we were at earlier this week, including this one of his own:

“What we’re seeing now is the rise of conversation journalism.”

I think he means it’s different from the "voice of God" journalism most of us are used to. But I could be wrong.

Apparently he and Hugh didn’t appreciate my "Tarantino" camera angles. Cmon guys, I didn’t hear Travolta or Sam Jackson complain. You just don’t know art.

Speaking of art… Gould Galleries in South Yarra (across the road from the Como Building) is having an exhibition of Linde Ivimey’s sculptures next week. I’m definitely going. I stumbled across a picture of her work in a catalogue about a year ago and it blew me away so much that I tore it out and stuck it on the wall in my study. I’m trying to get her to come on the show as a guest. Check out images from the exhibition and tell me what you think. I find her work is scary and disturbing in a similar way to Francis Bacon‘s paintings and David Lynch’s films. When I was last in Paris (August 2004) I caught my very first exhibition of Bacon’s work at Musee Maillol. It was breath-taking. I’ve been a fan of his work since I discovered it via Brett Whiteley. Did you see that Whiteley painting of the Frangipani and Hummingbird sold for $2.04 million? Amazing. Brett knew how to paint a flower.