On The Pod #37 – Richard Glover

A couple of weeks ago, leading Sydney AM radio host and journalist, Richard Glover, wrote an article for the Sydney Morning Herald which took a swipe at podcasting. I approached him to do an interview with me and, to his credit, he took up the offer. So I had a ten minute chat with him late last week.

    Richard’s SMH article
    Feedback to Richard’s article on my blog
    Neilsen Radio survey
    Richard Glover’s bio

5 thoughts on “On The Pod #37 – Richard Glover

  1. Just listened to this. Richard wandered off-track a bit and Cam seemed to be in a …hmmmm looking for an argument for want of a better phrase.

    I still agree that podcasting is the future but we will see.

    I may have to listen to it again and maybe change my mind.

  2. Interesting, to be honest I think Richard made some excellent points (how right is he with the whole Flat TV thing!).

    Just on the link (and let me start by saying by no means am I great analysis of data) to Neilsen, is it the data you wanted to show? Because no where in it could I see where it talked about number of people? It talks about percentage of demographic where each Column should equal 100%. Doesn’t really show a drop in level of listening just which stations are doing better in each age group (and by the way, it does show Richards point that Nova is a young station with them having between 20 and 30 percent of the 10-24 market.

    You really need to get Neilsen to include Podcasting to make your point. And who says that all those that aren’t listening to radio are listening to podasting? Perhaps just listening to CD’s and MP3’s (or other media formats).


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