Frank Arrigo = Mick + Cam = G’day World podcast

Nice and cryptic for you??? Well…tune in to the interview we recorded with Frank Arrigo on the 17th of January to find out what it means.

The Frank interview has by far been our biggest request from Australian developers…well…here he is guys and gals…for those that don’t know Frank…Frank has been with Microsoft for 13.5 years and is currently the head of the Developer Platform Evangelist Team in Australia…

His career story is long and we cover a heap of it here along with other great stories…including working in Canberra pushing LANMAN and the introduction of NT…the time he spent at the Executive Briefing Centre at Microsoft’s Redmond campus…he used to write and prep some of the presentations for Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer (find out about the hole in Steve’s office)…he tells us where the Windows 95 name came from…we touch on the start of nineMSN…some of his blogs get a mention along with why he blogs…there is just to much to talk about here….go and listen to the story of Frank…trust me..its well worth the time… 🙂