In our 23rd interview for “On the Pod” we talk to Hobart Swan, Manger of External Affairs at Mindjet who are the publishers of the best mind mapping software available (well..according to Cam and I it is)…MindManager.

We talk with him about the start of MindJet and how he got involved with them, why Michael Jetter wrote a mind mapping application when he discovered he had leukemia, why do people use mindmapping software and what are the benefits with using mindmaps, how does he use mind maps in his day-to-day life, changing peoples perception of mind mapping software, using RSS in MindManager, Tabpet PC’s and paper notebooks, his thoughts on blogging in the corporate sphere and a host of other interesting stuff.

Download the MP3…subscribe to the RSS feed…listen to it telepathically…grab it which ever way you can 🙂