Trying to get through the back-log of “On the Pod” sessions we have recorded over the past week means that i wil be posting up two “On the Pod” interviews today…one short ambush session and one longer interview.

The ambush show we are putting up is a quick chat with Mitch Denny from Canberra. Mitch is a .Net MVP and works as a Senior Consultant for Readify who are “Australia’s foremost .Net Trainers & Consultants “…well..thats what their web site says and who are we to argue with a website??

Mitch is great guy who not only is a blogger, but is really getting into the Wiki thing as well. Check out his two Wiki’s, Wiki Dot Not Gartner Dot Com and Don’t Panic, which has a growing list of WiFi and power point (latop power not the presentation tool) friendly locations around Australia amongst other things.