In our first “non-tech / non-geek” interview at G’day World be talk to US author, Staton Rabin.

Staton came to Cam’s attention because of a book she wrote called “Betsy and the Emperor”, a young adults book about a friendship between Napoleon and Betsy Balcombe, a fourteen year old who lived on the island of St. Helène where Napoleon was kept on after his capture by the British. For those that don’t know… Cam is a Napoleon buff. The cool thing about Staton’s book is that it has been picked up as a movie that will commence filming shortly and was going to star Anthony Hopkins at one stage and now has Al Pacino slated to play the lead role and Patrice Chereau
locked in as the Director.

Apart from writing, Staton works as a story analyst / screenwriter in New York and has worked on a number of successful film adaptations.

An interesting interview on an interesting topic…

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