I got a cold call from an Optus account rep today wanting to know why I canceled my service with them late last year. I told her it was a combination of them not having the wifi/3G phone I wanted and their poor customer service. She told me they now have a wifi/3G phone and that to ensure better future customer service, they would appoint an account representative to look after my needs. She tried to assumptively close (“So which day would be better for you next week for a visit, Wednesday or Thursday?”) a meeting with me to “discuss my needs” but I told her it was too late. I’m already with Three and I’m locked into a two-year contract.

“No worries” she said, “we’ll buy you out of the contract.”

But I again told her “no thanks”.

If someone from Optus had been keeping an eye on blogs late last year they might have picked up my post on my disappointment with Optus and perhaps then they could have kept me as a customer. But they didn’t and they didn’t.