Well it’s official. I hate my two-year-old XDAii. It’s hard-reset on me about 6 times during the last month. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t trust it enough to put any data in it. So it’s time to get a new phone. I’m finally going to get off the Microsoft Office crack as well. My XDAii is the only thing keeping me using Office and I’m determined to move 100% to using free, online services such as Google Calendar.

I’m also going to dump my mobile service provider, Optus, because their customer service sucks ass. My two year plan expires in December (coincidentally just as my phone dies???) and when I rang them up two months ago to make sure they cancelled my plan on the expiration date, their customer service rep I spoke with told me he couldn’t go that and that I’d need to ring them back closer to the date.
ME: “Why? I’m telling you now.”
DUMP OPTUS REP: “Because I can’t remember to cancel it.”
ME: “You don’t have, like, a COMPUTER you can put the information into?”
DUMP OPTUS REP: “Our systems aren’t set up for that.”
ME: “You guys made a $600 million profit last year and you don’t have systems that work?”
DUMP OPTUS REP: “Is there anything else I can help you with?”

So anywhoo… I’m thinking about getting a Nokia e61 on Three so I can use Skype over wifi via the Soonr client.

Here’s my phone wishlist:

– wifi
– 2MP+ camera
– expandable memory (pref SD card but MicroSD will do)
– quadband so it works in the US
– bluetooth that works
– can access my gmail and google calendar on it
– speakerphone
– GPS which will work with a mapping service

I think the Nokia hits all of these except the phone.

Ewan? Shane?