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For the last six years, I’ve been working with Tony Kynaston on a book, The Psychopath Economy. It’s an exploration of why the world is so fucked up and why our leaders keep failing us. The manuscript is finished and we’re looking at various options for publication. I thought it might be a good idea to test it with some folks and see what you think of it. So if you’re like a preview of the book, click below to download it as a PDF or EPUB, and then please come back here and answer the five quick questions in this survey.

Download Preview as PDF.

Download Preview as EPUB.

3 thoughts on “Preview of The Psychopath Economy

  1. I’ ll start with a niggle, because that’s how I roll.

    Formatting : I did have issues with the separation of the paragraphs. I’m an old cranky so-and-so, and I like at least one total line of empty space between paragraphs. It helps the flow. Maybe because this is like a first draft, such niceties were not observed.

    Tone: If the audience is faithful listeners to the multiple Can & Ray efforts, then carry on smartly. But if the audience is a more widespread affair, I would suggest a slightly more formal tone. That is don’t be using four letter curse words right at the beginning of the introduction. I would also consider rephrasing the bit about the RC Church viz accusations of pedophilia and sexual assault. ( See what I did there? Same idea made a bit less objectionable to the Billion plus RCs out there)

    I like the linking to Dawkins, and would like that teased out more. Eg. The 20 or so people on the board of directors being like the 22 chromosomes of the human being. Personally, I would like a tighter definition, not necessarily professional, of what you mean by psychopath. A bit more focus on the Narcissism, selfishness, immorality / amorality of the people and the consequences. I would even provide the rare example of how this can lead to great things eg. Napoleon, Steve Jobs, etc.

    One last bit, a continuation of the previous point. If the Dawkins “Selfish Gene” hypothesis is the undergirding structure, if you’re using the science of Biology as your smile, then please use the discipline precisely as possible. Ei. Define “fitness” as it applies to biological science so people don’t get it confused with Social Darwinism.

    I’ll let this read rest a bit and do a re-read near when the trick or treaters are out and about

  2. Hi Cameron

    I read your preview last night. Here are some of my subjective responses…

    Yes… this is all true… but what new perspective or approach are you bringing to this. I was generally aware of much of this… but I may not be your typical reader (as a hypnotherapist, 3P-er, novice nondualist, with a broad interest in the world, blah blah blah, as i like to think).

    Still being pretty self centred in my everyday thinking it would be good to get a bit more of an idea of what I was going to gain if I spent the time to read this book.. i.e. my benefit.

    In this vein, I like the title the War on Your Mind better. Makes it more personal. And according to Amazon the title doesn’t seem to be taken.

    Being nit picky… I am in “two minds” about the use of the word fuck on the title page etc. On the one hand it tells me this is a book for the every man… not merely intellectuals… on the other hand a lot of people have been doing it in the last few years and it looks a bit cheap and easy.

    Hope this is helpful. A worthy subject to shine more light on.

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