Last night I went out on the town with Brian Walsh from Castfire and his business partner Trip. Brian took me to dinner at their restaurant SAUCE. Great food and we had a big night. I’ve been suffering the after-effects of it all day so have decided to avoid the parties tonight and stay home and watch the net. Here’s a random selection of interesting stuff I found.

Mac Spoof: Gaming – These guys from TrueNuff TV have some great stuff. Also check out their Undead Insurance commercial.

Sam Has 7 Friends – a short-form video drama. I’ve got something in the works along these lines and so I’ve been checking out what else is out there. This is a great show.

Well it looks like AllOfMP3 really has stopped accepting MasterCard and Visa. What other mp3 sites are you using?

A few people have uploaded videos of Lou Reed’s recent US tour up to YouTube. Check out this version of Femme Fatale. Brilliant. Apparently Lou was the surprise entertainment at the Web2.0 party and he was pissed off because everyone was talking and not paying attention so he turned up his amps so loud they hurt everyone’s ears. 🙂 Here’s the full story on JustInsomnia. Ben Metcalfe doesn’t think Lou is hip enough for a Web2.0 conference. Here is some footage of his opening number, What’s Good from the album MAGIC & LOSS, which is about losing your friends to cancer.

Following on from my recent post about Van Halen, here they are in their prime – Unchained.

Have you seen the slasher version of Office Space? Brilliant.