From Dan Krause over at Box Office Weekly:

There’s this guy, Sacha Baron Cohen, who is connected to Borat in some way… I think he’s his agent. Anyway, Baron Cohen gave an interview with Rolling Stone about Borat, and why you people are missing the point. And he’s right, of course.

First of all, understand that Baron Cohen NEVER interviews as himself. Even when he was doing publicity for TALLEDEGA NIGHTS he created an overbearing actor character for the publicity tour. So this is a big deal. It is the rare person who has been in the room with him and didn’t find themselves interfacing with Ali G. or Bruno or Borat.

The excerpt from the interview that is online is terrific. Apparently Baron Cohen has not done one single interview as himself in the UK since he became well-known in 1998. As Dan says, there is finally a reason to buy a copy of Rolling Stone magazine again.