Roo have been around 4 years. Have penetrated most of major video publishers around the world. In Australia, they work with News, Sensis and SBS very closely. Their profile in the US is much higher than it is in Australia. Locally they white box their services to other publishers. They enable activation, marketing and distribution of digital media video over multiple platforms. Started in Caulfield in Melbourne 4 years ago with three people. Publicly listed in 2003 on NASDAQ. The core of the vision has always been that the internet is becoming a media distribution platform that needs to be paid for by advertising. Now have a customer base of 100+ Fortune companies. Currently serving 60M+ streams per month. According to comScore Sept stats, ROO ranks as #8 video streaming service by volume in the world. YouTube throw $5 – 6 million a week at bandwidth costs. (Cam’s note: That’s…. $20 – 24M a month! $250M+ a year! Holy cow.)