Big shout outs tonight to my old buddy Shane Williamson for chucking some cash into the Shave thing. Thanks mate. Oh and thanks Jesus. Shane recently sold a copy of the infamous Microsoft Bob on ebay for the princely sum of $15.50. I’ve often thought about when the time will be right for me to auction off some of my Microsoft memorabilia so as to maximize the return on my investment. When they are finally acquired by Google perhaps?

Another big shout out to my homies from Tassie – Bruce “The” Moyle and Q-Dog – from the Cool Shite crew. They were in Melbourne today for some event and we caught up for a quick bite afterwards. Always good to geek out with Bruce about movies and TV and as this was the first time I’ve met Q-Dog in person I was surprised to learn he isn’t gay after all. They have a real score on their show this week – an interview with Edgar Wright director of HOT FUZZ, the new Simon Pegg – Nick Frost comedy (the guys behind SHAUN OF THE DEAD). When I asked how they managed to get Edgar on the show they cockily informed me that HE contacted THEM. Bastards. Complete bastards.