Last night, while Netspace (my ISP) was down for the second night in a row, I happened to be checking my router and noticed a PC called "StJohn" attached to my network. I didn’t worry too much about it because my next door neighbour (and regular tech support guy) David has the WEP key for my network and sometimes jumps on to copy media files or just when his network is having issues. I know StJohn isn’t a PC name I normally associate with him, but he’s always getting new machines.

HOWEVER… I happened to be up tonight (it’s about 3am), turned on my desktop PC in the study and got an "IP conflict" message from Windows. So I went to check the router again and discovered "StJohn" control of the router and I couldn’t log on!!

So I walked downstairs, manually re-booted the device, then scurried upstairs, logged onto the router, and set it to "trusted PCs only".

So… StJohn… As DeNiro said… "I’m. watching. you."