Okay geeks and nerds, time once again to make yourself useful.

I was a lucky birthday boy and got myself an XBOX 360 for my birthday this week. As I’m used to using my old chipped XBOX as a media center, I was looking forward to using the new one in the same way (while I move the old box to my bedroom). I want to stream music and video from my PC down to the XBOX. I’ve got music working okay but video is a no go. The XBOX can find the PC, can see the video directory, can see the folders underneath it, but can’t see the actual files.

Then I read that the 360 will only stream WMV videos. Jesus H Christ. Of course, everything I want to stream down is in DIVX or XVID. So I heard about this app called Tversity which will transcode DIVX into WMV on the fly. I’ve got it installed and the 360 can see it okay, it’s streaming music via Tversity okay, but the 360 says it can’t find any videos still.

Last night in SL a few people told me it might be because Vista Business doesn’t have Windows Media Center and I’ll need to upgrade to Ultimate, but if that’s the case, why can the 360 stream my music okay? Doesn’t make sense to me.

Anyway… any ideas? Prove to me your geek mad skillz.

Oh and… should I get it chipped? Or not? Thoughts?