A couple of blocks up from my house in Yarraville is our local dvd joint, Video Flash. The boss, Mike, has a large wall running down the adjoining street. He said that for years it was covered in just awful graffiti and he spent a lot of time out there with a brush and bucket trying to keep it looking clean. Then a couple of years ago, a couple of young street artists asked his permission to produce some art on his wall. He said it was okay as long as the work wasn’t offensive. Since then, he said he hasn’t had to clean the wall once. Graffiti artists don’t sabotage street art. Then, a week ago, the same guys came back and refreshed the wall with a new work. I watched them work for a while and then went out today to capture the finished work.

I think it looks terrific, adds a lot of character to the store, and I’d love to see more store owners inviting street artists to liven up their places.

street art yarraville