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When I was with the Tangler boys last week, I asked them for suggestions on what they would like to see us do to make podcasting easier for the mainstream to get into. Mick and Marty gave me a long speech about how RSS is still way too difficult for the masses but how much easier email updates are. Personally I hate email but maybe that’s because I have to deal with a lot more of it than most folks.

Anyway, today I’m introducing the G’Day World Email Feed! Click on the link below and you’ll start getting emails of the blog posts and the podcasts sent to your inbox. Don’t fear – the 20mb attachment doesn’t come down in your email, just a link to the mp3. If you have any feedback on this service or any ideas for how we can make podcasting more user friendly, please let me know!

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3 thoughts on “Subscribe to G’Day World via email

  1. I signed up for email updates to have a looksee and they’re presented really nicely. Very readable, not too much information to handle, maintains the important formatting and gets rid of all the pictures. I’ll probably unsubscribe soon because everything else I do is in RSS but it seems to work well.

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