How To Clip Facebook Posts Into Evernote

Last week I attended the Brisbane Evernote User Group (BEUG for short) and we were very fortunate to have Troy Malone from Evernote HQ (General Manager, Asia Pacific) join us over Skype for a chat about he uses their product in his daily life. How cool is that? It was pretty late his time too (midnight I think), so you have to hand it to Evernoters for evganelising.

I asked Troy what tool he recommends for clipping content from iOS apps into Evernote and he introduced me to the Lightly app made by Ignition Soft, the same company that makes Everclip, one of my other favourite iOS apps. So that was a win. (FWIW – Lightly is great for copying certain lines of text from a page you’re reading on your browser into Evernote, but I prefer Everclip for copying content out of other apps, like iBooks, etc).

Afterwards, Troy said the only thing he hasn’t figured out yet is how to get Facebook posts into Evernote. I said “I can do that!”

It wasn’t easy, but I nutted it out a few weeks ago when my wife, Chrissy, announced she was pregnant on Facebook. I thought it would be nice to save that for the baby book – and of course, the natural place for it is in Evernote.

So if anyone else is trying to work out how to clip a Facebook post (and its comments) into Evernote, here’s how I do it.

How To Clip A Facebook Post Into Evernote



Open up the post you want to save. Facebook will open it in “Theater mode” – which is nice to look at, but annoying to try to clip into Evernote. Select the URL in the address bar and copy it.



Step 2.

Post that bad boy into a new tab. The resulting page should look like this:




Step 3.

Expand all of the comments (if you want them to end up in Evernote).





Step 4.


Cick your good ol’ Evernote Web Clipper, select “Full Page” and “Save”.





Step 5.


Hey presto! Once you have synchronized Evernote, you’re post will look just like it did in Facebook!



I hope that helps some of you to get more out of Evernote!



by Cameron Reilly

Clive Palmer On Asylum Seekers

Good ol’ Clive Palmer, who often sounds like he’s batshit crazy, actually made some sensible comments about Australia’s asylum seeker policy (another reason I’m embarrassed to be an Aussie these days).

Mining magnate Clive Palmer says the Federal Government should allow asylum seekers to fly to Australia to have their claims processed.

A political stalemate has gripped federal politics since two asylum seeker boats capsized, killing almost 100 people.

Mr Palmer does not support offshore processing, and says the current system puts asylum seekers in a difficult position.

He says even though many asylum seekers can afford plane fares, they are not allowed to fly so they turn to the riskier alternative of trying to reach Australia by boat.

“People who are in Indonesia and want to come to Australia cannot buy an airline ticket because the Australian Government stops them,” he told the ABC after the Liberal Party’s national conference.

“All that needs to happen is that the Government needs to stop telling airlines and other people not to give people safe transport.

“If they come down here and if they’re refugees, that’s one thing. If they haven’t got a legitimate claim, they can go right back on the plane the next day.”

(ABC News)

I don’t know who created this graphic, but it’s been doing the rounds on Facebook and it’s pretty damning.

The bottom line as far as I’m concerned is that we have a responsibility to accept genuine refugees, to make their travel to Australia fast and safe, and to process their claims for asylum quickly and efficiently once they are here.

For frak’s sake, people – we are one of the wealthiest countries per capita on the entire planet with the lowest population density to boot. What is WRONG with us? Why are we so mean and churlish? Why are we so selfish and scared?

I seriously think we, as a nation, are suffering from some kind of clinical depression. We have everything going for us and yet we seem to have lost our basic human decency. It’s just not acceptable.

News Corp’s Anti-Science Agenda

“Big Bang Theory a Bust” is the way News Corp is peddling this two-year old story about Roger Penrose’s “Conformal Cyclic Cosmology” model for explaining concentric circles of cosmic background radiation. Why run the story two years late? I have no idea. But it’s the headline that is the true story.

It’s obviously written by a sub-editor to a) be sensationalist and b) discredit science in the minds of the general public. I’ve already seen people in Facebook picking up the story and using it to start discussions about how science is equal to faith.

Very similar to the HeraldSun’s approach to the now-discredited neutrino experiments out of CERN last year.

Sensationalist and anti-science. Of course, any intelligent person understands that the scientific method is a process of refinement – one experiment or, in Penrose’s case, theory, in no way “upends” or “busts” anything, especially not time-tested theories such as the Big Bang or the speed of light being the speed limit for relativity.

But I’m pretty sure News Corp cares not about such things as accuracy. It’s about sensationalist yellow journalism and trying to discredit science. Why would they want to discredit science? Because it helps them rally the Christian Right vote. Fox News has turned itself into a profitable political power house in the USA by pandering to the Christian Right, anti-science demographic and it looks like News International wants to try the same trick here in Oz.

No Illusions 29 – The Polyamorous Life with Kieran Salsone

I first met Kieran Salsone a few years ago at a BTUB not long after I moved to Brisbane. I’d already known him via his Twitter handle websinthe. I knew from the comic he used to write that he had a sharp political mind. But it wasn’t until I caught up with him for a cigar a few months ago that I discovered that he also lead a polyamorous love life. As he, his fiancé Naomi and his girlfriend Rachelle all came out on Facebook this week, I thought it would be a great time to get him onto the show for a chat about polyamory. Has marriage had its day?

News Corp’s Facebook Scare Campaign

This morning I ran a quick experiment. I searched through’s site for stories that mention Facebook in the title to see what percentage of those stories had a negative slant. My theory is that large media companies such as News are scared about the amount of traffic Facebook is getting, as it’s decreasing their own readership thereby affecting the revenue they can generate from advertising. So they are running Facebook scare campaigns.

News Corp, of course, has even more reason that other media companies to be hatin’ on the Facebook, because they own MySpace, Facebook’s biggest competitor.

So – on with the results.


Facebook pedophiles stalk TV star, 11

Police probe students’ Facebook hate group

Spook’s wife in strife over Facebook post

Pupil’s Facebook slur against teacher

Facebook affair behind murder, suicide

Teacher dies after nude Facebook photos

Facebook used to organise Auburn racial riot – police

Nicole Kidman bullied on Facebook

Teenager fired from job via Facebook

Fake police Facebook page fools users

Premier Bligh writes to Facebook boss

Facebook removes kill-a-prostitute page

Teen’s death posted on Facebook first

Parents use Facebook to trap paedophile

Facebook deal forces computer clean-up

Rail bash teen’s mates turn to Facebook

Smiling in a bikini on Facebook costs Canadian woman her insurance


Facebook extended to iPhone, iPod Touch

Pure Digital Sensia radio goes on Facebook, Twitter

Orangutan photographer a Facebook hit

Thief nabbed by Facebook detectives

So… out of twenty-one stories, there are FOUR positive stories (19%) and SEVENTEEN negative stories (81%).

The question is – does this show a bias in coverage?